College Students

Young adults experience challenges related to managing academic responsibilities, balancing social and romantic relationships, and exploring self-identity all while living away from home for the first time. My style is supportive and nonjudgmental so that you feel confident to make positive changes in your life.

College can be an exciting yet stressful time for many people.

You may find yourself thinking:

You may find therapy helpful in gaining a fresh perspective and extra support during this time. My style is collaborative and nonjudgmental as we explore your goals and create a plan for our work together. Often, we will spend time reflecting on your personal and family history as well as existing thought patterns and behaviors.

In gaining new insight, coping skills, and self-confidence; you will feel empowered to make positive changes in your life.

Please reach out to me to determine if I may be a good fit for you. I’m happy to have a phone consultation to answer any questions you may have about therapy or my style. If I’m not the right therapist for you, I will provide a referral for another professional based on your needs.